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We boarded our flight to Miami approximately on time [9:55 AM]. One good thing – the airline desk person was able to rearrange things such that Evelyn and I got to sit together. We even got an isle seat so that we could get out without bothering a stranger. This flight was only a little over 7 hours long, but it was still long and cramped. We had two meals with complementary wine. That did help to mellow us out. We gained another 3 hours by crossing time zones and factoring in daylight savings.

We arrived in Miami about 3:00 PM. We had a long wait for our bags at the carrousel. Apparently our bags were first on – last off. Evelyn had a small bag that she normally carried on. We decided to check it through from Africa to Miami in order to avoid having to deal with it in Frankfurt. They had put it in an open container with another small bag. The container was the last item off the plane. At that point it didn’t really make any difference – we were not in any hurry.

US Customs picked me out for a closer examination. I had admitted to carrying extra peanuts for snacking. There was no problem with that but it was enough to catch the inspector’s eye. I sailed right through.

We called the hotel and they sent their van to pick us up. The room we were assigned was in a depressing part of the building. It was adequate but noisy. We went back to the restaurant for supper, but we decided that we were not really hungry. We each had a beer and shared an order of chips-and-salsa. By the time we got back to the room I was ready to hit the hay. However, I forced myself to stay up until almost 10:00 PM local time in order to try and help my biorhythms to adjust.

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