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Ft. Peck, MT - Downstream Campground COE - Site 1

Ft. Peck, MT - Downstream Campground COE - Site 1, another view

I counted seven of these guys on our site while I was...

The powerstation

The downstream portion of the dam. The pwerstation on the right, the...

Ft. Peck Lake dam - about 2 miles long

A view of Ft. Peck Lake over the dam

Another view of the dam-The towers on the right control tunnels that...

Part of Lake Ft. Peck and the surrounding terrain

The lake side of the spillway

The output side of the spillway

Another view of the output side of the spillway

Data on the spillway

The drive over Friday morning from Havre to Ft. Peck was a very easy and relaxing 3.5 hour experience. US2 is a two lane road that, with the exception of a couple of short stretches, is very smooth with sparse traffic. We will be using the same road out of here Monday until we get inside North Dakota.

We are staying at a Corp of Engineer campground, Downstream Campground, which is extremely nice. We have 50 amps of electricity but no water or sewer. We filled the water tank this morning before leaving the last campground so we should be good for three days. We have great cell service, internet and the sat was easy to get. The sites here are HUGE. We are in site 1, under some huge cottonwood trees, which I picked when making reservations online because of its size. It's like being in the middle of a footbal field with no one around you. The closest campsite is about 40 yards away and we have this huge field behind us that is at least three acres, all newly mowed and beautiful!

We don't plan on doing much while we are here but just relaxing and enjoying the camping. Saturday was College Football day. We are in the Mountain time zone so ESPN's College Gameday starts at 8:00 a.m. - ain't it sweet? I also only had to wait until 5:00 for the Gators to play. They looked pretty good but it wasn't really a quality opponent.

Sunday, we explored the lake a little bit. Ft. Peck was put on the map when the Corp of Engineers built the dam across the Missouri River to create Lake Ft. Peck. The dam is the largest earthen dam built hydraulically in the United States. That means it was built by using dredges to scrape up and deposit the correct soil composition with water. It was built in the 1930s under FDR's administration and had up to 11,000 depression era workers at work for a change. It is the 5th largest reservoir in the United States at 134 miles long. It has 1,520 miles of shoreline, and has a maximum depth of 220 feet and can generate 185,000 kilowatts of electricity using its five turbines.

Tomorrow we head for Theodore Roosevelt National Park where we will spend 2-3 days in the North Unit and 2-3 days in the South unit. We will not have cell or internet service while in the North unit.

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