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Salta from above, from Cerro San Bernardo

Salta from above, from Cerro San Bernardo

Gorgeous and opulent Iglesia San Francisco

Plaza 9 de Julio in the heart of the city is surrounded...

Tim --

Ravi and I never expected to be in Salta when we started our South American trek, but there´s a lot to be said about this sizeable Argentine town. Mostly, I liked that Salta was far away from San Pedro de Atacama!

But although escaping Chile is always wonderful, Salta stands up on its own as a great place to spend a day or so.

We arrived in the evening and settled into a pricey hostel (we were way too sick and tired of escaping from the Chilean prison to shop around), bought some groceries, and made some dinner. This wouldn´t be worth mentioning, except that to pay for the groceries, we stuck an ATM card into a machine, asked for money, and it came out of the machine! I nearly shed a lone tear of joy, hearing the whir of money coming our way!

The next day, we hiked up to the top of a hill overlooking the city. I give you one guess who´s idea that was. I always grumble about climbing to the top of things we weren´t interested in seeing in the first place, but I have to admit, Salta is pretty from on high, and the garden and waterfalls on top of the hill are kind of nice. Plus, for Catholics of all varieties, you can keep track of how far you´ve gone and how close you are to the top by praying the Stations of the Cross on the way up. Ravi bears with me in these moments, but he´s familiar enough with the stories to know that if Jesus isn´t on the cross anymore, we´re nearly there.

After hiking back down into town, we checked out a pretty church. Thankfully, there´s always a church to see, and it´s usually free. I honestly can´t remember any church we´ve seen specifically unless it was Saint Peter´s in Rome, or Sacre Couer or Notre Dame in Paris, but it´s always good to be in a beautiful space and it´s nice to feel welcome to visit them.

Soon enough, though, we were on our way to the bus terminal and on our way to Paraguay. Strange to think we´d even been in Argentina at all really!

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