Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Surfside beach

a fiddler crab

could this be Toby surfing?

Well well, what have we been up to for the last couple weeks? We have moved down to Port O'Connor, Texas. If you want to see it on the map, it is above Corpus Christi, by Port Lavaca. It is a vast improvement over Surfside. Surfside was still cleaning up from Hurricane Ike, and is where all the chemical companies and oil rigs are. The park was more of a trailer park with permanent people. Nothing wrong with that, but not what we wanted. The owners were very nice and helpful, and we did see alot of interesting things. The water was very nice. We are now in a newly constructed park, and the owners are a brother and sister, who bend over backwards to please us. We like it, and it is beautiful. New pool, hot tub, laundry, clubhouse and very nicely landscaped. And, I think I mentioned before, cheap. That always makes it nice. Also, very nice ocean views and walks. Now, what do we think of Texas? The verdict is still out on that. The weather seems warmer, but it is still too early to make a judgement. The people are VERY friendly. We feel like we are more of the community, than we are vacationers. We felt strange at first, because we were the only out of state license plates. In Az., and NM there were other out of staters. I am told if you go further down you will see that. But, we think we are in the best kept secret in Texas. So, we are enjoying some rest and relaxation (from what?). Sorry, no pictures yet. Will get to that later, I am pretty busy you know.

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