Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

Our resort on Lamai Beach

Char-grilled squid on beach!!

Grandfather's rock

Grandmother's rock

Riding an elephant

Lexi's got a control of the elephant near the waterfall

Mummy with sunnies

Hiro and Budda

Beautiful clear water at Lamai Beach

Thai Massage at beachfront!!

Ko Samui is a little island off the South of mainland of Thailand, oh my god this beautiful island has got such clear water and white sandy beach... just stunning. Without wearing a snorkel or anything, water visibility is still so good, probably 20m or so.

Our accommodation was located at Lamai beach, 10mins drive from main beach, but much nicer and quiter location. Our $50 a night room has a beach front pool with pool bar and restaurant, free wireless internet, breakfast included etc,,, it was just amazing and everyting was cheap. As you can easily imagine, we spent a lot of time on beach and pool, but we also hired a car, so we had a great drive around the island too.

We visited a few waterfalls, we also rode on an elephant to get to one of the waterfalls deep inside the mountain. It was so much fun!! I didn't realise until then how high it is when you get up on an elephant. They are such gentle and tame animals, but it took a while for us to get used to balancing on it though..

We also visited a few Wats and buddas, at one small wat, a old monk invited us to a little tent, we didn't know what he was saying or doing, but he was tying some white bracelets on our wrists and mumbling something while he was doing it. We found out later on that it means to keep a couple together, often being done at a wedding for Thais, haha. This wat also had a mummy displayed, apparently he was a famous monk when he was alive until 20years ago, but this mummy's got a pair of sunnies on his face!! We did fortune telling sticks in front of this mummy, basically you pick a stick out of a tube full of sticks. Each stick has a number written, you pick up a paper with your number. Hiro's says "Activities turning out to be unsuccessful".... but it also says "good luck approaching" so that's ok I guess. His advise for me is "keep cool".

Lexi's says "hard to express yourself clearly and to be heard". it describes her really well!!

Another amazing site we visited was "Grand mother and grand father's rocks" These naturally-shaped rocks by waves and winds resembles human's genitals, and they are located close by. Just have a look at photos, they will tell you how funny this place is.

Ko Samui had great food as well, Lexi found her favourite local delicacy "sticky coconut rice cake". Hiro also enjoyed a chargrilled squid on the beach sold and cooked on the beach by local lady. These hawkers on the beach also sells corns, fruits, fish etc and they will cook it in front of you with a chargrill pot they carry.

We had a great time on Ko Samui, it was definetly a highlight of our South Thailand trip. Now we are heading into Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

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