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another great beach

room for everyone

free fishing pier

cleaning fish

We left our very nice much too expensive Fort Myers campground for an almost as nice, somewhat less expensive campground just south of Naples. Since we have gotten to Florida, we haven't driven more than two hours a day from one campground to another. This is a pace that is easy to get used to. That trip home is going to be a killer in more ways than one.

Naples is a ritzy town, but does have nice public beach access with parking nearby. It was also nice to see that the fishing pier was free, unlike many that we've had to admire from afar. The fishing rule in Florida is that you don't need a license to fish if you are standing on a man made edifice; thus the popularity of fishing piers. We love to walk out on the pier and look back at the beach and this usually means that we are strolling past bored looking fishermen, puffing on their cigarettes and holding limps poles. They stand next to empty buckets and ice chests and look frustrated. But in Naples the sea was jumping. The entire length of the pier schools of minnows were swirling and jumping out of the water. We couldn't see who was chasing them, but they must have been motivated by something to keep leaping in the air. The fishermen put lines of hooks in the water and the minnows impaled themselves on the hooks. Then they used the minnows as bait and brought in some respectable looking big fish. The competition for the fish was fierce - from the pelicans. As one man cast, a pelican went for the bait and he ended up hooking the bird rather than a fish. This must happen fairly frequently because he knew just what to do. He reeled he bird in, brought it up to the pier with a net, pulled the hook out and sent the pelican on his way. Hopefully, he was none the worse for the experience.

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