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View over Yangshou

West Street

West Street again

New room view

View of Yangshuo from above my old hotel

My new tattoo - give it time

The title refers to three of us looking through thousands of tattoos to try and find the one I chose a few days ago. We have also been having a Mexican stand off about the price, but I gave in in the end, as the guy clearly wasn't going to budge, almost unique round here (as is having tattoos unless you are in the criminal world in some way).

Last night I wandered around a while, bumped into Phoenix a couple of times, once with her cute daughter, but no-one else I knew, though eventually Peter found me and we drank until it got quite quiet around midnight (some places open all night here).

A lot quieter today, as all the weekend Chinese tourists have gone. Also, a lot of the activity in the day is the boat trips downriver fromm Guilin, that disgorge people at the river end of West Street, and then they shop their way up to the other end where coaches are waiting to drive them back to Guilin, and not a cheap day out either, though a pretty good one. Those who read Scott Adams will know what an induhvidual is (basically a stupid person).

I heard this American in a tour group (the classic trip being to go by boat downriver from Guilin to Yangshuo and then bus back to Guilin) ask her guide how all these people had gotten to Yangshuo, was there a land route? And shame on you if you didn't work that out right away. So this evening will be back to mostly foreigners round here, and local Chinese everywhere else in the town.

Moved to my new hotel, which is great, more like having my own bedsit, and nice views too. Just explored the town today mostly, and did some shopping research. I now know when I want to leave (29th, to Kunming), but am having real problems getting a train ticket here, I may have to go to Guilin to get it myself.

And this afternoon I got a Chinese dragon tattoed onto my upper right arm/shoulder, after days of failing to work the guy down on the price (only about half what it would be in UK). I think it is a great tattoo, though it is difficult to photo and is still swollen.

I took a gamble and had a meal with chicken in it and it paid off - not a beak in sight - that's how posh it is round here. And then an evening's drinking with Peter and Sook, before they leave for Vietnam tomorrow. I have enjoyed their company and will miss them.

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