Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

We crossed a bay from LaHave on a small ferry.

We wern't the largest vehicle on this boat.

We stopped at the Ovens where there were caves along the shore.

Looking up from the cave.

Crashing waves were part of the WOW we were looking for.


Almost WOW

WOW!!! Blue Rocks harbor - we found it!


The rocks were really blue.

One of the blue rocks.

Experiencing the WOW.

Do you feel the WOW in this scene?


The Bluenose II Schooner.

Three churches at the town of Mahone Bay

At Graves Island Provincial Park, we found the WOW.

Creative hammok stringing

A full moon graced out nights.

Pre dawn - watch the video for the sunrise.

Morning rays.

Watching the sunrise from the van

Three ducks at dawn.

Across the bay.


We stayed here for four days.

Lunch in the screen tent.

Mahone Bay

Wildlife on the trails at Graves Island

Campfire by the full moon.

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Morning at Graves Island Park. Tom got up on the top of...

Sunday brought us to Lunenberg, a top tourist destination, and it sure felt it. Rather Disneyesque, mobs of people (it was Sunday, after all), and extremely steep hills to drive and walk on. It felt very uninviting, so we saw a sign pointing to a village called Blue Rocks, and there we found it, after much driving on scenic and twisty roads - we saw and felt the "wow"! This small fishing village was pretty much untouched and quiet - and the rocks really are blue. There were only a few people driving in and out. It was a sparkling day too, so we continued on to Mahone Bay, another picturesque destination, full of people because it was Sunday, and eventually arrived at Graves Island Provincial Park.

Graves Island may have been an estate once - on an island connected by a short causeway to the mainland, and basically a large hill where the some large RV's were parked in an open area. We drove around and found THE campsite that everyone coveted, but that the camper ahead of us chose not to pick, and Bingo! it was ours, for four nights. We are perched on the water, a few yards up off the rocky beach, with incredible privacy, 180 degree view of the water and islands of Mahone Bay - and it is indeed the "wow"! The sunrise is right out our window each morning, and we don't need to close that shade at night because it is so private on that side. We had to delay our visit to Halifax for two days because all the hotels there were booked up with conventions - and so we are "forced" to stay here for four days. Wow!

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