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Sunrise behind the hills north of Kiakora.. just before we knew we...

Onw of the sperm whales on the surface blowing just before it...

The tail of the sperm whale just as it dived

Surrounded by dusky dolphin

Fur seals at kaikora peninsula

We are now at Kiakora which is famous for its whales in the bay. The previous travelling day turned out quite nice and the road down by the coast to Kiakora was lovely...but we had been unable to book into the whale watching for the 7.15am trip as we had hoped.

We still got up in the pitch black (6am)did not seem a good idea at the time but how wrong can you be. We were only on the reserve list to go whale watching at 7.15am as the whale watching trips had been cancelled the 2 previous days because of bad weather and there were alot of people who had hung around hoping to be able to go when the weather had settled.

We got down to the quayside just as the sun was rising over the Pacific Ocean hearalding a beautiful morning. The snow capped mountains reflected the pinkness of the sunrise so it was worth getting up just for that!...but better was to come. Some girls whom we had met earlier in Rotorua did not turn up (been drinking the night before in an Irish pub!... and only 1 of 3 turned up) so there was space for us.

The catamoran set off through quite choppy water initially so they were unsure whether we would see much..... then there was a cry from the watch...whale ahoy about 12 mile ahead. Fullpower and we reached it to pour out onto the decks for photos. This occurred about 5 times more and was awesome seeing the sperm whales spouting and the body and tail as it dived into the depths for another couple of hours.

We also saw the giant albatross(wandering) and hundreds of dusky dolphins nearer the shore as we headed back.They came very close to the boat and swam with us for a while.

After a quick lunch we then walked the cliff tops in glorious sunshine and back along the beach past the fur seal colony.....What a day to remember.

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