Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Kings Canyon in the early morning

Canyon road

Mist Falls

View back down the trail from Mist Falls

Road end in Kings Canyon

Bear and cubs, Kings Canyon

Roaring River Falls

More canyon roads

Didn't sleep too much because of frustrated mice trying to think how to finish their meal. My cabin is still nicer than camping nevertheless. The last camping trip I had in the UK it was hedgehogs scoffing the food. Iy also turns out there are tarantulas here, so I should be grateful, there could be worse thngs in my room in the night. Tarantulas? Isn't that Africa? Later in Joshua Tree I read in the Ranger station that they are not poisonous to humans (I'm sure that's not right!)

So I drove down the 8,000 foot deep (apparently, anyway, it sure was deep) Kings Canyon, mostly not too scary a drive, though quite dramatic in places, and very atmospheric in the early morning. I wnet as far as the end of the road and then did a 9 mile hike up to the attractive Mist Falls. After that I was doing another shorter hike when these folk pointed out a bear and cubs. I watched them for some time from about 40 feet away. I think I have the measure of these bears now, and there were people with small kids walking by (albeit quietly). Generally I don't think they are dangerous unless you get between them and their cubs or their food.

A final short walk to the Roaring River Falls, and then I drove a circuitous route back to my cabin. Turns out the road where I would have liked to have gone had 600 turns in it, and I didn't think I could face that.

Note that house prices can be very expensive here, probably about equivalent to the British range, though with more on the higher reaches, but average wages here are way below ours, so many people here can never own their own place, much more so than the UK. Hence why some people buy crappy trailers in desolate places.

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