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Confederation Bridge; from New Brunswick to PEI

Waiting out the storm at the potato storage shed

The lighthouse at Victoria On The Sea PEI

Once again we had a hot day ahead of us according to the forecast. We left Miramichi and headed to Shediac, New Brunswick. They were having a blues festival this week-end and we figured this might be a good place to spend a couple of days since they also have some of the nicest beaches in New Brunswick. The roads we took were narrow, winding, paved backroads that were a lot of fun to ride despite the heat.

When we reached Shediac we found we were not the only ones that though it would be a good place to spend the week-end. The tourist info centre was packed and we discovered there was not a room to be had anywhere in town. With the heat camping was out of the question for us so we continued south.

After a stop at a beautiful old farm house cafe for lunch we decided to carry on to PEI over the confederation bridge.

The bridge is quite spectacular. It is about 13 km long and crosses the Northumberland Straight from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. I was a little aprehesive about cross winds which can be quite a challenge on a motorcycle but the winds were low and it was a pleasure to ride.

Once across the bridge we stopped at the PEI tourist info. We me a guy in the parking lot riding a huge yellow Honda Gold Wing. This guy had to be at least 80 years old and was traveling around the country on his own. Perhaps we have another 25 or 30 years riding left in us after all!

We headed into the countryside on a little country road intending to start exploring the north west side of the island first. A bit of a storm was blowing in when we left the info centre but after a few miles the clouds ahead of us were dark black and ominous looking. We decided to turn around and head in the opposite direction but the storm soon caught up with us. We stopped at a large barn with an open door by the side of the road and ducked into it to wait out the storm. Turned out it was a potato storage building; what else would you expect to find in PEI!

We did not get much rain but the winds were very high. It turns out we made the right decision to turn around as we found out the next day that a tornado had touched down right where we were heading! It picked up a 70' x 40' barn and tossed it into a field. I don't suppose the bike would have done well!

We found that all of the places we checked were full until we found a small motel in Crapaud that had one room left, in the basement. Not exactly first class accomodation but as they say, any port in a storm will do. We did not get to see much of PEI today but what little we did see we loved. It is criss crossed with narrow country roads and there are tiny little towns and comunities everywhere. The lanscape is lush farmland with plenty of spuds growning in the brick red soil.

Tomorrow we begin our exploration of PEI!

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