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Quilt Made from 20 Years of Bluebonnet Festival T-Shirts, Burnet

This day has been one of unexpected twists and turns. It started off early this morning with strong thunderstorms, including a little hail. I was awakened by my NOAA radio about 5:30 and was never able to go back to sleep because of frequent additional storm warnings. I finally got up at 7:30.

Val and I had planned to meet at Seward's Junction at 11:30 and carpool from there to Liberty Hill to visit Stuart and Regina. Since I was up early, I decided that I'd have time to take Sweet Pea for her annual inspection and then meet Val. On the way, however, the engine check light came on. The man at the garage told me that it would fail inspection and that it would be sometime next week before they could evaluate the problem. He said that it would take about 1.5 hours to run the diagnostic tests and that I would need to leave my car there. That's a challenge. I'm going to check with Round Rock Toyota to see whether I can get it done there sooner. If not, I may have to just leave my car behind while I go to the Lazy Daze rally next week. "Things" just seem to know when it will be most inconvenient for them to need attention!

I drove on to Seward's Junction and waited for Val. Then we drove to Liberty Hill, where we ate lunch at Subway. Just about the time we had finished eating, Regina called to tell us that she was on her way to the hospital emergency room because her blood pressure was below 100. She said she would call back when she returned home. Val and I decided to go to Burnet to see if there was anything interesting to do in the meantime. We saw a Park Model RV dealer and decided to check out the trailers. I had never seen the inside of one. We looked at nearly all the units on the lot and, believe it or not, no sales rep came out to talk to us! We were glad, though, because we weren't interested in buying one anyway.

After this little educational tour, we went to the Chamber of Commerce to get some brochures and ask about the wildflowers in the area. The lady told us that they are expecting a moderate show of flowers this month. Maybe by the time of the next Cen-Tex LoW campout in two weeks there will be a good crop. I certainly hope so. My camera and I are all primed and ready to go!

When we had finished our explorations, we headed back to Liberty Hill. I called Stuart for an update and he said they were just leaving the emergency room. We decided to wait for them. Val had baked a pie and I brought a box of chocolates (Val shared the cost), so we were glad we didn't have to leave them on the porch. We were greatly relieved to learn than Regina was not in great danger due to her abnormal blood pressure. We visited until about 5:00.

By mid-afternoon the clouds were gone and it had become a very pleasant day.

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