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Kluane Ice Fields

Kluane Ice Fields

Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake

Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain

First Eagle

Welcome to Alaska

It is Saturday with a temperature of 45 degrees and partly cloudy. Sure is a good thing we are doing this log or we might have trouble knowing what day it is.

We left Whitehorse, YT at 7 a.m. without a real destination. The road from Whitehorse to Tok was supposed to be very rough, so we were not sure how far we would go today. We just decided to see what the day would bring.

It was going to be a great day when we spotted 2 elk just outside of Whitehorse and 3 deer a little further down the road.

We stopped at the Kluane National Park Visitor Information Center and watched a short film. That is when we found out that the world famous cinnamon roll was not on our route. We had been trying to find out where it was all morning. The coffee shop next to the visitor center turned out to be an acceptable alternative. It had coffee, an apple cinnamon pastry, and wireless internet. We took advantage and caught up on our e-mail and posted to the blog.

The road construction started around the beautiful Kluane Lake near Sheep Mountain and lasted about 10 miles. We were actually happy to go slow so that we could enjoy the beautiful views. We stopped at the Sheep Mountain Visitors Center where you could see about 25 Dall Sheep in the distance. Apparently the momma sheep have their babies on this steep mountainside—sure wouldn't be my choice!

The road began to feel like a roller coaster from the frost heaves. The road is built over the permafrost and when it melts and freezes the road is bent up and down. We just drove slowly and it really was not too bad.

At Burwash Landing we stopped at the Kluane Museum of Natural History. This was an amazing display and in the middle of no where. It is a must see but don't judge it by the outside.

Just before we entered Alaska we saw our first bald eagle! There was a big nest and the momma was feeding her babies. We also saw 2 Trumpeter Swans. What a day!

We crossed the Alaskan border around 4:30 p.m. We stopped in the rest area where the welcome sign is. There was a couple from Vermont with their two children. They took our pictures with the sign. It was amazing that both of us were using Hensley hitches. It was the first time either of us had seen someone else with one of these. As we stood talking a large Class A and trailer pulled in and believe it or not he also had a Hensley hitch. They were from Australia. Quit a discussion was had before we all left to go through customs.

Going through customs was not a problem—they only asked about fire arms and liquor. We got worried when the border patrol walked out to the truck with our passport. He only wanted to make sure we signed them. We assured him we would and was on our way.

We drove on to Tok and stopped at the Tok RV Village for the night. It was then that we discovered that the track for our bathroom door had come loose from all of jolting on the rough road. Our bed had shifted and Sue's clothes had flown out of one of the closets. Other than that we were in good shape. A little late night repair in the daylight and all was fine.

We are now on Alaskan Daylight Savings Time so we have gained another hour—just what we need is another hour of daylight. It was 11:00 p.m. when we finally went to take our showers and it was still daylight out! When do these people sleep?

We are really here!!!!

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