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Colonial Village of Valladolid

Welcome to State of Quintana Roo

We escaped our walled in RV park in Chitchen-Itza and headed for Cancun.

It's hard to believe; we drove 132 miles and it took 7 hours to reach the RV Park. We took the Libre (free) road with one small village after another and lots and lots of topes. We started nicknaming the villages after the number of topes we had to cross, probably 100 or more.

Life along this stretch seemed calm, serene, and unhurried, by our standards. It was common to see men lying in hammocks resting, and grandmothers walking with little children through the villages. The homes, mostly thatched huts, were painted with vibrant colored paint and the streets were swept clean. Many ladies were carrying bowls of dough for tacos. It's getting more tropical too. We made one quick stop to get the puppies out and were just amazed at the sensual aroma from the jasmine bushes.

We fueled up and I don't know if I mis-read the number of liters or not, but, diesel is down to the equivalent of $1.93 / gallon.

We approached the Agriculture check-point but, it was un-manned; so, all our food is safe for a few more days. We entered the state of Quintana-Roo, our sixth state on this trek through the Yucatan. We joined up with the caravan for the last 14 miles to the RV Park. The drive to the RV Park gives one a horrible impression of Cancun. The roads are under construction and we swallowed grit and dirt kicked up by the vehicle in front. We all try to snug in close together when we're going through a city and we use the buddy system to be sure no one gets lost.

Up until now, we've been driving along the Gulf of Mexico and a little inland, and we've finally come around the tip of the peninsula so we're on the Caribbean Sea side of the Yucatan.

We arrived at the RV Park, El Meco Loco, and, again, had to keep reminding ourselves we didn't come to Mexico for the RV parks. Our assigned space has a power pole with a big black "X". I guess that means "this is broken". We are backed in over our neighbor's sewer hose and connection. Joe & Hutch got together with extension cords and we finally seem to have a weak 30-amp connection that might run one a/c compressor.

We went with Hutch & Margrita to a local seafood restaurant called Flamingos. After a couple of margritas and some really good grilled shrimp, we are feeling much better.

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