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welcome to Quintana Roo

double tope

people waving

kids waving

typical house

inside butcher

outside butcher

taking the piggies to market

tiny church


Today's journey of about 130 miles took us from the state of Yucatan to Quintana Roo; from Chichen Itza to Cancun. Apparently QR is not worried about us bringing tainted chicken into their state; there was no agricultural inspection. There is a tollway that runs between these two spots as well as a regular irregular road. According to the literature, that tollway drive costs about $30 for a car (perhaps twice that for a 5th wheel) and saves about 1-1/2 hours of driving time. Our wagon master decided that the tollway was too expensive and took the route that took us through ten towns and over at least one hundred topes (speed bumps.) As usual the residents of the towns enjoyed our parade and waved enthusastically as we inched by. It appeared that most of our fellow travelers enjoyed this route because of the village life we saw, but we have been through many such villages and will be going through many more and we would have gladly paid of for the faster route. We were free to take the tollway, but would not have found our way to the campground by ourselves since the last few turns were on anonymous roads. So we would have had to wait at a rendezvous point for the group to catch up to us. It took us nearly six hours to go those 130 miles. The last ten were in Cancun, which has become a big city. Navigating a big city is always a challenge with 19 rigs, but the road into town was riddled with potholes, under repair in some spots, and totally missing in others. When the road disappeared, we had to drive through the coconut palms over the median to the other side of the street and hope that the oncoming traffic noticed that we were there. By the time we got to the campground we were exhausted.

This campground is close, but not on the beach and seems to have robust electric current so we can run the A/C, much appreciated in the 90º+ temps. However, the entire campground has lost electricity twice already this evening for no apparent reason. A propane truck showed up promptly as requested (not to be taken for granted) and all tanks are full once again. After social hour where we learned about future activities here, we headed to Walmart to stock up, taking careful note of landmarks, since our campground locale has no street signs. In our last campground Cancun has many gloriettas and the protocol for when to enter the circle and how to leave it is not always clear, but we found our way there and by the light of the full moon, found our way back.

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