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Sunrise viewing

Sunrise viewing

Sunrise viewing

Sunrise viewing

Walk around Uluru

Ants climbing Uluru (fools)

Best cereals ever...

Early start for sunrise viewing at Uluru, walk around Uluru and proceeding drive to Kings Canyon.

What an early start. We got used to get up early during our trip but a 4:30 alarm is a bit harsh. We managed to be on time for sunrise at Uluru and were again facing hundreds of tourists who managed as well as we did. We shoud have expected a rush when we saw that we were once again to be the last leaving the camground. We cannot explain or understand but the days in Australia seem to start early. It does not matter where we are and what time it is, we are always the last to leave. At this point it should be mentioned that our alarm goes off between 7:30 and 8:00 every day! This time we were a bit smarter and Maribel found a lovely observation point at the round undisturbed by anybody! The views on the in red shining mountain were amazing. Hence we decided to stay for a while and had breakfast at the by now deserted sunrise viewing car park.

Strengthened by this fantastic breakfast we felt ready to head towards the ring walk carpark. On the way you can observe a long line of tourists climbing up Uluru. From distance they look like a long row of ants. We had already decided before travelling not to climb it to respect Aboriginal wishes and sacred sites on top of the mountain. It is interesting to see how many people ignore the Aboriginal wish not to climb. Additionally the climb is very exhausting and claims several victims each year - mostly heart attacks. Also it shows you who is running the national park in reality. In the 1985 ownership of the land went back to the Aboriginals with the condition to lease it back for 99 years. Since then there is a joint management between aboriginals and non aboriginals. Other than plenty of asking signs that read: "Aboriginals don't climb. If you die while climbing your mom and dad will be very sad and we will be very sad too. So don't climb".

Instead we decided in favour of the ring walk, a 9 km loop around Uluru. From far the mountain gives a smooth appearance but from close it unveils all its cracks, fallen rocks and holes. All sites look very different and also the rock changes its appearance throughout the day. A fantastic walk but again a few more explanations about the many sacred sites you pass would be appreciated.

In the afternoon we drove around 300 km to Kings Canyon resort. An overpriced petrol station with bar, motel and campround. A bottle of water costs $4, petrol is $0.2 cent per litre more expensive than normal expensive desert petrol... In return you get dirty facilities and lovely "out of order" throughout the entire campground.

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