What a horrible day weather wise - raining very hard most of the day. When we awoke, it was so foggy that the mountains that were so dominant on the skyline yesterday were gone, vanished literally into thin (foggy) air.

Had some trouble getting out of the campground. Bob got the coach out of the site itself but couldn't negotiate a tree-lined sharp turn out of the campground too well. Broke off the cellular antenna and took some paint off the awning cover but eventually, did get around all of the trees. Drove to the Icefields Center about a mile down the road to hook up and Bob had to get up on the ladder to try to secure the hanging antenna in the driving rain. No fun at all!!!!

Drove through Jasper and then onto the "scenic route to Alaska", Rt. 40. Driving rain...narrow road...no shoulder...only a few deer and one elk cow. My new bird is the Clark's nutcracker - like a Jay only gray with black wings and white tail feathers. Saw lots of orange Indian Paintbrush and when we stopped to let Dixie out, right inside of a woodland path were Virginia (?) Bluebells.

Fuel is 95.6 cents per liter or about $4.00 per gallon. Another interesting experience is trying to figure out how to order lunchmeat - I now know, however, that 225 grams equals about half a pound.

Everyone we meet is going to Alaska..... The RV parks are filled to capacity - a scary thought for the future. We did get some reservations for Dawson Creek tomorrow and Saturday.

We are in Grande Prairie, about 80 miles south of Dawson Creek and the start of the Alaska Highway. Finally an internet connection...and phone service too although the cost of the long distance is probably going to be alot. Bob washed the truck and immediately thereafter, although the weather here was nice, it started to storm and rained heavily. We even have cable but here, the cable only has five channels - boy are we spoiled at home.

Remember the "loonies" (the one dollar Canadian bills)? Well, they have a two dollar coin called the "toonies" - obviously, these Canadians have a sense of humor. Also, their debit cards are not also credit cards - they are two different things. Also interesting coverage of the Queen's 80th birthday and George Bush's most recent "gaffe". But people are generally friendly.

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