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It's only 40km to Avignon from Arles but the wind was immense and not in my favour. I've not know anything like it. and the couple of days that I've been here it hasn't let up, not once. At times I've nearly been blown off my feet.

I'm staying at the campstie Bagatelle which is situated on a small island on the Rhone, just a short walk from the main town.

I've used this afternoon to clean up the bike, change the break pads and check all the nuts and bolts. I'm next to a nice english couple who are back packing round europe and opposite a mad Austrian woman. She came over to ask if I could boil her some water, after seeing I had a gas stove and then proceeded to sit down and tell me her life story. She's 45 years old, unemployed, living in the house her dead mother left her, she has a degree in psychology and writes (although nothing has ever been published). She receives 500 euros a month from the Austrian government for the pleasure of doing nothing and spends it on travelling to France to find a husband. She runs marathons, the only bike she owned she broke, she prefers walking. She dresses like an old bag lady (that's my obsevation - not hers)and is waiting for Mr Right to wisk her off her feet and treat her to a life of luxury for the rest of her days. She once held a job as a teacher but didn't like it. It was too much hard work and stifeled her creativity. As you can gather by now it was a fairly one sided conversation but never the elss she did ipart one bit of useful information. Bedoin which is my next port of call is a lovely village and well worth a visit. I felt like leaving there and then just to be rid of this woman, but no I have the museams and sites of Avignon to see. I will prevail! She knows a few of the men in the village but I'm hesitant to use her name in the town. I can't imagine Renatta holds much weight in the higher echalons of Bedoin society.

Bon nuit.

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