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Corpus Christi

At noon we lunched at the rest area in San Antonio and the strip tease began. Off came the socks, the shoes, the long pants, the jacket. The thermometer hit 80 degrees and we were smilin'! The rest of the drive south was through land so flat it made Illinois look hilly. As we neared Corpus Christi I felt like it was visiting the place where we have been sending so many dollars lately - one refinery after another. Off on the distant horizon in the bay other oil paraphenalia shimmered in the sunny haze.

Our first impression of this city is that it is on the poor side - lots of substandard, tiny houses. As we drove downtown we saw one pawnshop and bail bond shop after another. However, once we got downtown we saw huge bank buildings, rivaling any you could see on Wall Street. Perhaps this town is suffering from a lack of middle class. I should not make major pronouncements - we've only been here a few hours, but the coastline looks appealing enough that we might pass this way again after we leave our month in the Rio Grande Valley. It was difficult to drive along the waterfront since it was sectioned off with traffic barriers and orange cones. We heard that Corpus has not suffered from major hurricane damage since the '70's, but last summer's weather has understandably given everyone pause. Stenuous efforts are being made to strengthen the sea wall and extend the water front away from the buildings already in place. There's only so much they can do.

Only two hundred more miles to go...

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