Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

Nov. 9 - Mike was up early and first thing he put away the loose stuff on his bedside table so I knew he was planning on packing up and leaving! He checked the air pressure in the tires - rear tires all needed some air, so he borrowed a compressor...... also, we needed to close up the boat and turn on the dehumidifier and the fan (and where did we put that 3-way plug?)........I had to vacuum out the car and put the storage containers in, and then go to the office and settle our bill, also take a load of stuff to the free table......Gary needed some help with something before we leave........and then someone wanted to see the boat! Since this gentleman had talked to me before we signed with the broker, he told us to go ahead and show the boat. By now it was almost noon and Mike still hadn't done Gary's job for him. Will we go or stay? After a quick lunch Mike said 'go!' so off we went, finally getting out of the boatyard by 1 pm. Today's travel took us due west through citrus groves, dairy and beef farms, several large sod farms (I didn't think Florida had that much dirt they could afford to lose), nurseries, but few towns. South Florida is something like Nova Scotia, everything is on the coast and little in the middle. We stopped in Arcadia to pick up a few groceries and then continued (State Rd 70-SR 17-County Rd. 691-CR697) to Riverside RV Resort, on the Peace River. This is a very nice park, with many folks staying here for the winter. There are lots of activities and outings plus good shopping in nearby Port Charlotte. We met a couple, Lynn and Bev and their requisite RV dog, who have spent a couple of winters here and just love it - she quilts, and had her machine set up on the patio. We walked around the park, checking out the pool (warm! - going to swim tomorrow) and the river where there are likely alligators and definitely fish. It's a nice quiet offshoot of the river, would make great canoeing or kayaking. Mike BBQ'd supper and we relaxed for the evening.

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