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Colorado Landing RV Park - Round Table Discussion in Club Room

Colorado Landing RV Park - Round Table Discussion in Club Room

Colorado River

Colorado River

Colorado River - Donette Harpole and Mickie

Colorado River - Glenda Alexander

Bistro 108 - Ann, Bonnie, Richard, Marilyn, Patricia & Elmer

1883 Jail - Now Chamber of Commerce

LaGrange - Fayette County Courthouse

Colorado Landing - Sunset

This morning I headed to LaGrange for the Cen-Tex LoW campout. I was looking forward to it because I haven’t done very much lately. Besides, it’s always fun to see my LoW buddies. We have a good time together. We were happy for the dry, mild weather this time.

I learned a valuable lesson about the propane system. Right after arriving at LaGrange, I discovered that my water heater would not stay lit. It would light but would go out immediately. My refrigerator and furnace would not run either. I made sure the propane was turned on and that there was sufficient propane in the tank. After other troubleshooting, I finally gave up and went to the RV park office to see if anyone there could give me some hints. One of the men said that it probably didn’t have enough propane; so I had the tank filled. Still no success! Stuart and Bill, the park owner, checked it out and couldn’t get the water heater to stay lit. Finally, Bill suggested that I turn off the propane for an hour, then turn it back on and wait for another hour and finally turn the water heater on. Hurrah!!! It worked. For some reason, the propane regulator just needed extra time to equalize the pressure.

Thursday evening I walked down to the Colorado River with Donette and her dog, Mickie. Not surprisingly, I stepped into a fire ant bed and was attacked on both feet. This is my first this year. My feet swelled to the point that my shoes became a bit uncomfortable. How I hate those little creatures!!!

There were 21 attendees at this rally. We were happy to have three first-time visitors: Elmer Roberson from Sherman, Richard Miller from Van Alstyne and Darlene Carroll from Cedar Park. We hope all three will join our club.

Thursday evening we had our usual potluck dinner, which is always good and bountiful. After dinner we played table games or just visited. Our Friday night meal was at Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant. They have good food and their wait staff were excellent.

Saturday I went with six others to Bistro 108 on Main Street near the courthouse square. It is an intimate restaurant which serves excellent food. I had a bowl of their shrimp and crawfish bisque, which was very tasty. After lunch we walked around the courthouse square, just checking it out. Many of the businesses around the square were closed for the week end.

Fayette County was organized in 1837 and the J. Riely Gordon Courthouse was completed in 1891, Some restoration work was done about five years ago. Nearby is the Fayette County Jail, which was completed in 1838 and was used until 1985. It now houses the Chamber of Commerce. Both of these buildings are made of unusual blue limestone quarried from nearby Muldoon.

I arrived back at Pecan Grove RV Park a little after one o’clock on Sunday.


Route: TX 71 E to LaGrange => TX 71 Business => Main Street => Cedar Street

Total Miles Driven: 66

Weather Conditions: Sunny and cool

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Colorado Landing RV Park

Park Conditions: Situated on Colorado River. Wide level pull-through sites, nice clubroom with computer for Internet access, friendly and helpful owner.

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