We say good bye to David and Sarah before getting along with...

We cross into North Carolina

the interstate was decorated with flowers and flowering plants

Another example

the entrance to the park


our site

our site setup

our site setup

the park is large and lovely

View of the park shoreline

view of the park shoreline

New friends took us out for a pontoon boat ride around the...

Docks for boating and swimming

out on the lake

fabulous lake homes

The only NON-Boat parked on the water we found

"the villa" well known home on the lake

More of the villa

A boathouse filled with living room furniture.

Departed our site at Pointes West Army Resort just before 8:00 a.m., anticipating a long day driving on mostly freeways, I-20 East to I-95 North. We shared the driving today of 408 miles. Dave miscalculated the anticipated miles saying it was going to be 300. It seems he forgot to "carry the one" when he added all the way points in his head! So, it turned out to be almost two hours longer than we figured.

This is our first time to this Thousand Trails preserve, Lake Gaston. It sits on the border of North Carolina and Virginia and is a beautiful place. It's a well managed park of 278 spaces. We got lucky to find a large site near the water but not ON the water! We found out there are several interesting places to see while here, so we'll look into them

and make some plans. So stay tuned and find out what it is we'll be doing !

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