Rebecca's brother Tim and fiance' Sandi come to town

Tim and Sandi ask us to witness their marriage, yippee ! !

After the ceremony

We join Tim and Sandi at the Grand Sierra Resort for dinner

Next day we go to Virginia City, of "Bonanza" fame

sample view of authenticity of Virginia City, NV

my favorite place in Virginia City

Did you know about Samuel Clemens ! !

We come across some wild horses cutting the grass at a hotel...

We go San Francisco with Dave's brother Gary and Kathy

We consider a piece of art...

inside one of the galleries

We drive to the coast for a walk and Cliff House dinner

This area used to be the famous Sutro bath (swimming) house

Sutro bath house plan

The famous Cliff House restaurant

inside the Cliff House

the beach area south of the Cliff House

One of our favorite stops in SF is Boudin Sourdough

A Boudin artisan bread

Dave spots a boat scene

He sees a few more colorful boats

We take a final photo before we leave.

We visit Frank and Sharon at their home

Sundays are family BBQ day, 2 of our sons and their families

Our visit to the Reno crowd is finished, time to leave

We cleaned out our shed, put everything into the "Ya'll Haul"

And take it to Brenda, AZ for sorting , keeping, using, giving

Two grandkids ham it up for the camera, Kayden and Brent

We stop to see a cousin of Dave's, Joy she lives way...

We have many things to do while here in the Reno/Carson City area, our former home, including seeing our children, grandchildren, put our former home on the real estate market for sale,

One of the surprises we had was a call came from Rebecca's brother Tim asking us to witness his wedding to Sandi. They decided to get married in Reno, they're from Eugene, while we are here. We do it and spend a couple days with them before they drive back to Eugene. We love surprises ! ! !

The next weekend we drove over the Sierras to Sacramento for a weekend with Dave's brother Gary and Kathy. The three of us went to San Francisco for a day. We stopped by a art museum, later had dinner at the famous Cliff House. After dinner we drove down to the wharf to get some bread at Boudins Sourdough, one of our favorite stops in SF.

While in Reno, of all the things we had to do most important was time with kids and family. We had a good time but we were bittersweet with the lack of time available to see the kids. Ugh! Since they all work and go to school and we have appointments. Oh, the choices.

Finally, when the two weeks were done, our former home was sold, we saw all the kids, brothers, loaded the stored items in the shed into a "Ya'all Haul" .

Heading to our vacation home in Brenda, AZ and the Desert Gold RV Resort, space D-28

Thank you to our grand and great friends the VanEmmeriks for using one of their sheds all these years and for their hosting us this time with little visiting.

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