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Travel days are exciting for different reasons. You never know quite what to expect with weather, road or traffic conditions.

Today was no exception.

We prepared to leave Hannibal while a gentle, steady rain fell on us.

Marilyn drove her car as we decided not to tow it today, partly because of the rain and partly because Marilyn was doing great at driving and following me in the RV.

As we approached St Joseph, MO, Bob called on the radio to tell me that they needed to stop due to a warning light.

Thankfully the rain had stopped by this time and it was a very nice day.

We continued to a rest stop area where Bob unhitched from the RV and took his truck to a dealer for repair.

Marilyn & I sat in our lawn chairs under a shelter and read from our Kindle readers, while keeping an eye on Bob & Janet’s RV.

Once Bob & Janet were assured that all was good with the truck, I spoke with a supervisor at the rest stop and received assurance that the RV was safe where it was and it was ok for it to remain until Bob & Janet came for it.

That put us about an hour ahead of Bob & Janet and we were all set up when our friends arrived at Deer Creek Valley RV Park.

We spoke with friends, John & Lori, and agreed to meet at “Weller’s” Sports Bar & Grill for dinner.

We had eaten at this place before and enjoyed it a lot. Great food!

With a minimum of misdirection from my GPS, we arrived at the meeting place just a moment or two ahead of our friends, John & Lori.

Lively conversation, laughter, and mutual enjoyment of the company and the food, made for a very fine evening.

We lingered as long as possible but finally said good night and so long with shared hugs and good wishes.

On the drive back to the RV Park we discussed our departure time for tomorrow and agreed that sometime before 8:00 AM would work quite well.

We have a long drive ahead of us, to arrive at “Rolling Retreats RV Sales” in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Now that we are “on the road” again, we take things as they come and deal with the situations which develop as we go along.

I’ll be writing about the adventures as we experience them, so come along as we journey with our friends, to our winter destination in Arizona.

Life is Good!

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