Approaching the Mississippi River bridge

A brief look at the "mighty but muddy" Mississippi

At Vicksburg we found the MAGNOLIA RV Park

The office

Down our street, narrow as it was plenty of room

Comfy place to sit for watching dogs run in the dog run.

Another stateline to cross, miss pics of two or three others. Busy...

Our spots for the first night in Georgia at Big Oak RV...

Missed taking pics of about 4 others NASCAR trucks

But we got two, going from Fontana to the next race.

After departing Lake Tawakoni in TX, we were excited about putting some big miles under the tires and we did. We got to Vicksburg,Mississippi and found the Magnolia campground after 330 miles. It's a nice little place about a mile off the freeway and inexpensive. Note, we gotta go back to Vicksburg to tour the National Park there as the Battle for Vicksburg was strategic nightmare for the north and a sad, sad loss for the south. Dave has ancestral grandpa who fought there.

Today's drive was determined to be a big day, too as we found out a huge storm is possible in the areas we just put at our backsides. We sure don't want to get caught up in a rain and thunderstorm like they had in the south 2 weeks ago. So we wanted to get on down the road, get to Augusta and get settled before the storm overtook us at that point, at least. Today's drive was 374 miles. Tomorrow will be a short day of about 260, but we'll see.

Occasionally we had NASCAR Team trucks pass by us, they are painted so colorful and proudly state who they are with all the sponsors emblazoned ! We missed taking the pics of #48, #98 about 4 or 5 others, but did get #28 and #07 cars.

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