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Just as I posted the blog yesterday afternoon, they came to tell us that the truck was repaired. They would do a test drive and let us go. Great!

All was well!

We paid our bill of $506.60 and pulled out of the Ford Dealer’s lot at 4:20 PM, with 3 ½ hours of driving ahead of us.

We made a stop to fuel up and while I did that chore Marilyn walked over to “Wendy’s” to buy a hamburger for each of us. She also bought a soft drink and an order of fries, and we were back on the road.

We were within 20 miles of our destination when it got dark outside.

We pulled in at the Mark Twain Cave Campground a few minutes before 8:00 PM and were set up temporarily by 8:20.

We turned the A/C on and set things up a bit inside, so that we could relax.

The biggest disappointment was not seeing the kids and grandkids yesterday.

After a good night of sleep, we were ready to move to our regular site and get set up more permanently.

First we sat outdoors with our coffee. Jeff and Kamar came by to say hello. We had a short chat and then got busy.

We knew someone was in the Site we had reserved but we are not paying here so we settled for another Site. (#20)

We backed in and unhooked but were unable to get level side to side without the wheels on one side being off the ground.

I hooked up again, with a minimum of mumbling, and moved over.

Now the RV is all level and we are set up.

We drove out to the hospital to have lunch with Jennifer, stopping at Subway for sandwiches and a small pizza.

When our daughter had to go back to work, we left and headed to Walmart for some much needed grocery shopping.

As we pulled in at the campground I stopped again at the office to check for mail.

We had received the jalapeno relish from Texas and the DVD of Jurassic Park that we had ordered.

Also a nice card from the daughter of my cousin.

As we approached our RV we saw our friends, Jim & Linda, parked a couple of Sites over from us. It is so nice to see these good friends again. The last time we had a visit was in the Rio Grande Valley down in Texas.

They are staying until Tuesday so we’ll have time to catch up on things in the RV world.

We feel that we now have a hold on things and can relax for the remainder of the day.

Life is Good!

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