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La beach!

some more beach.......

more beach with me in the background

Our really cool hostel

discovering we have a parking ticket...booooooo! :(

The hostel!

The hostel bar

An amazing sunset over surfers paradise!

Me hiding in my bunk bed!

Today after about 2 hours sleep we had to get up and move hostels which was a right laugh!

We thought we would stop off at the beach for a bit and see what was going on there.

Now being very wary of parking situations we found a bay with a meter, put an hour on, displayed the ticket properly and even moved the car so we was exactly in the lines to try and avaoid any further charges!

Ozz and Matt went in the sea for a bit then we decided to head back to find another hostel and make sure we got back brfore the ticket run can see where this is going can't you! Yep, we had another ticket!

Now we speant a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why and eventually realised that we wasn't parked in the right direction! even though it was a 2 way street and there were no signs telling you to do so! another $70 to add to our collection!

We drove to our next hostel origionally named Surfer Paradis backpackers and it turned out to be a really nice place!

There was a volley ball court, bar and most importantly free underground parking which would double up as a nice place for Matt to sleep!

Ozz and Matt rented a bodyboard and I opted for a few hours shut eye!

When they got back they entered the volleyball competition which Ozz's team won (I was still asleep at this point!) then when I woke up we sat outside for the evening with a few people from the hostel and played cards and dominos with a DJ playing really cool music in the background.

A really cool place, shame we couldn't stay longer!


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