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Marilyn & I were on the road by 8:20 this morning. We began by climbing that short but very steep hill right outside the RV Park.

That turned out to be no problem but it worried me until we topped it and leveled out again.

We turned north on I-435 to go around the west side of Kansas City, passing the raceway and Cabela’s, heading north to St Joseph.

As we pulled onto I-435 I noticed the “Check Engine” light on the instrument panel.

I asked Marilyn to pull the manual from the glove box. She read to me the indications and possible problems, which prompted me to pull over in a safe place and call the Ford dealer in Hannibal.

He suggested that there may not be any serious problem but to be safe we should have it checked before continuing on to Hannibal.

He gave us the phone number of Anderson Ford in St Joseph, MO.

A quick phone call to these good folks assured us that they would get right on it to diagnose the problem and then they gave us directions to their business.

We arrived about 10:20 and went through the necessary paper work stuff. VIN number, mileage, etc, etc, and then sat in the waiting room, hoping that we would soon get back on the road.

We called Jennifer and of course she was disappointed that we were not going to be there as early as planned.

On the other hand, WE were worried that we might not make it to Hannibal today at all.

The diagnostic check indicated that the turbo was sticking, which could cause damage to the engine if it over boosted.

The repair procedure calls for the turbo to be removed and cleaned, then reinstalled and checked for proper operation. Estimated cost right around $500. Gulp!

We try to keep in mind the recent problems experienced by our friends, Howard & Linda, and consider ourselves blessed.

The mechanic here indicated to us that he could have us out of here by 5:00 PM, so here we sit, at 1:00 PM, writing a blog which we hope to post once we know we are ok to leave.

Marilyn is reading from her Kindle Fire while I work and play here on the computer.

At least I have the blog for today mostly written. LOL

Not exactly what I had planned.

I turned on the propane and turned the fridge on propane so that is doing fine, keeping our food cold while the RV is parked in the car/truck lot waiting for a truck to tow it home.

I had a note on FB from a young lady who is from our home town. She told me that her brother manages the dealership where we are located so I went in his office and we had a nice visit.

He offered us a car to drive around while our truck is being repaired but we are doing fine here.

It seems that we meet friends everywhere we go. That sometimes amazes me!

Once the truck is finished here we’ll be really busy getting ready to go and then will be on the road to Hannibal.

With that in mind I will go ahead and post this for today and then finish the story tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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