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sad display at La Brea tar pits

downtown L.A.

Santa Monica

with Nate and Jill at their house








wait, this ain't no baywatch

This entry is a split one. First time in a year that we spent more than a few hours appart, but I spent a few days with friends in Redlands, while Michelle went to pick her younger sister, Katie, up in LA and spent a few days with her there before picking me up.

So here is my part. I was very much looking forward seeing Nate and Jill. Nate and I knew each other from grad school when we were working on our Ph.D. in Cancer Biology. He and his wife, Jill, just moved to the area a year ago when Nate became a faculty at Loma Linda University. If you ever watch Animal Planet, their Venom ER show is at this institution. Bonus to the visit was that Nate in-laws were also visiting- they are really cool. So we spent a few days chit chatting and working on their house.

As Charlie said, I went to pick up Katie in LA. It was so great to see her after being away for a year. We had planned she would do the west coast tour with us for about 2 weeks before she had to head back to NH to start her summer job. She immediately got a little taste of what we had been dealing with for a year when our first task was to find a hotel that was reasonably priced and in a good location. With just a little looking around we found a place run by a friendly Indian guy just a block from Hollywood Blvd. It was a huge room without a view, unless you count the brick wall outside the window, but it served its purpose. We spent the evening checking out all the famous sites, fighting the crowd outside of Mann's Chinese Theater, taking pictures of the Hollywood sign. We also checked out the La Brea tar pits (which really smell like tar) and drove through Beverly Hills. I wanted to see "downtown" so we headed in that direction, making a side stop at a local fair that was going on where we were the only non-Spanish speakers. We drove through the part with all the tall buildings, but it was like a ghost town and kind of sketchy feeling, so we just turned around and headed back out. Our next stop was Santa Monica - definitely my favorite part of LA. We walked down to the boardwalk and pier and Katie dipped her toes in the Pacific. We strolled down the Third Ave. promenade lined with shops and spent more than a little time at a combo starbucks/music store where you can sit at a "bar" and mix and burn a custom cd from a huge selection of songs. Then we met up with our cousin who lives just a few blocks from there and had a nice al fresco dinner. The next day we drove out to Redlands to pick up Charlie.

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