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This day has been a busy one for me. After my gym session, I went to Jack in the Box to try their egg white and turkey breakfast sandwich for lunch, which was better than I had expected. I needed to kill some time before my appointment with CMIT Solutions. After eating, I still had a little time, so I went to Walmart to see if they had an oval clearance light that I needed as replacement for the one I had broken recently. This time I was in luck.

Then it was off to CMIT Solutions to pick up my new-to-me Apple MacBook Pro laptop. Kyle walked me through the procedures that are new to me. He had formatted most of my USBs so I could use them with both my Mac and Windows computers. He still needs to re-format my two-terabyte drive. It should be ready early next week.

While I was there I received a call from Dr. Geck’s office telling me that RightSourceRx would call me to make arrangements for delivery of my next Forteo (bone-building drug). Because I had only enough to get me through Saturday night, it is doubtful that I could get the next batch before I run out. I asked if I could pick up some from the doctor’s office, which they allowed me to do. I had enough time after my meeting with CMIT Solutions to get to the doctor’s office before they closed.

My last stop of the day was at Schlotzsky’s to get a veggie pizza. They are so-o-o-o good.

The weather today has been extra nice, with the high temperature about 80 degrees.

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