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Statue of Stephen F Austin

Texas Capitol's Original Goddess of Liberty Statue

'Come and Take It', 1835 Texians' Dare to Mexican Government

State Seal of Coahuila y Tejas, c. 1824 (Supreme government of the...

Model Airplane Hanging from Ceiling

LOX Rocket Engine, Armadillo Aerospace, Rockwall, c. 2007

Hot Air Balloon Basket, William Bussey, DDS, Longview, c. 1986

Pitts S-15 Model, Reese Hillard, Fort Worth

Model Air Tractor 502B Airplane in Case

Stunt Flyer, Katharine Stinson's Memorabilia

Fiberglass and Epoxy Resin Helmet worn by Edward White, Pilot of Gemini...

Aircraft Marshalling Signal Chart

Dianne Richter with Bob Bullock Statue

Val White at Olive Garden

This morning Dianne Richter and I went to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and spent all afternoon there. One could easily spend an entire day!

First, we saw the IMAX film, 'Hubble 3D" which included some footage of the repairs to its mirror. It gave me cold chills! It's amazing how much detail the telescope can "see" in outer space. After that we had lunch in the Texas Cafe.

After lunch we visited the exhibit on the second floor, "Building the Lone State Identity". That floor is also the home of the Texas Capitol's Original Goddess of Liberty Statue by Elijah E Myers. The Goddess was cast of galvanized iron and zinc, then coated with paint and sand to simulate stone. She is nearly 16 feet tall and weights about 2,000 pounds. Her exaggerated features are meant to be viewed from a distance of several hundred feet. The State Preservation Board removed it from the top of the Capitol in November 1985 and replaced it with a corrosion-resistant replica made of an aluminum alloy.

Finally we made our way downstairs to the temporary exhibit, "Tango, Alpha, Charlie" - the story of aviation in Texas. We both were impressed with the number of women aviation pioneers. There were several model airplanes, including four or five hanging from the ceiling, but we both had expected there to be some larger models. The only actual plane in the exhibit was the half-scale F4U Corsair built by Roger Smith. He eventually donated it to the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation. It is airworthy but has never been flown. It weights 840 pounds and is made mostly of wood.

After browsing a few minutes in the gift shop, we headed home. It had been a good experience all around.

Tonight I took Val to the Olive Garden restaurant to celebrate her birthday. We even splurged and shared a dessert this time

Tonight I took Val to the Olive Garden restaurant to celebrate her birthday. We even splurged and shared a dessert this time.

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