Further preparations included Dave installing a Tire Minder brand

Batteries in and ready to mount to tires

Dave checks the tire pressures to make sure they're accurate

Transmitters are attached and secured

Even the 5'er tires get transmitters

Here's what the diagram looks like.

Rebecca tranplants some new flowers into our planters for travel

Feels great to get dirt under the fingernails again!

L to R, Tim n Sandy, Us

We arrive at our first overnight stop in 5 1/2 months, great...

We arrive at Saguaro Park in Benson, AZ it's an ESCAPEES park

Our FHU spot for the night

Our 5 1/2 month stay here is coming to an end quickly. We're preparing the park model, it's called "summerizing" as most people leave for the summer. And many things have to be done. Amongst the list, plug in the RV, turn on Fridge, take to the RV all the food, take over all the clothes, niknaks, tools, utensils, geegahs and doodads. Before all that happened we shampooed the carpets in both places. The final rush of preparations took two full days. Some of the other preps we did was place 9@ 5gallon buckets of water in the house so there will be moisture in the house during the immensely hot summer. Rebecca took a couple hours to transplant some new snapdragon flowers into our travel flower pots.

Rebecca's brother Tim and wife Sandy arrived a couple days before, we'll travel together eastward toward Georgia. They haul a 28 ft Silver Fox Travel Trailer with a RAM 2500.

Our first stop, 280 miles, on our way east is an Escapees Club park in Benson, AZ. Tired as can be without collapsing, we fall into bed early. LIFE IS GOOD !

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