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the historic hang gliding port at La Jolla sees more paragliders than...

the cove at La Jolla

old town, San Diego

the hotel on Coronado where Some like it hot was shot

the prado with very nice museums

I am no fan, but this is mean. Also it is on...









Since I have been to San Diego 3 times at various scientific meeting during grad school, it was a stop for Michelle's benefit. I think I'll make her write it!

Ok, Ok - I'm finally getting around to adding my 2 cents. Not surprisingly, I thought San Diego was very nice. After some clouds burned off in the morning it was the weather I expected - low 70s and sunshine. Since we only had a few hours there we took one of those cheesy hop on/hop off trolley tours. It actually was very informative and an easy way to see the whole city in a couple of hours. We were laughing because the tour guide had to make a safety announcement at every stop which consisted of no standing while the bus is moving, hold on to the handrails, etc. This was an amusing reminder that we are definitely back in the USA - where were our safety announcements in Bolivia when we climbed a 20,000 foot mountain with virtually no ice climbing experience?

The pleasant weather and easy living feel of the city almost had me thinking that it would be a nice place to live. All of those thoughts vanished when we got on the freeway to head to our friends' house about an hour away, and hit 5 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic which continued forever and for seemingly no reason since it wasn't even rush hour and there were no accidents in sight. It's still a nice place to visit, though.

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