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We spent a miserable night in Oakley last night.

The wind howled and shook the RV until midnight. Then the rain began and it rained hard several times. Thunder could be heard and I thought about getting up to turn the TV on and check the weather.

Then all power went off!

Forget about the TV!

Marilyn & I each got maybe two hours of sleep total.

That didn’t keep us from getting up early because we wanted to get on the road.

We pulled out of our Site at 6:20 Central time and arrived at Mountaindale RV Resort at 11:00 Central time. We gained an hour however by crossing into Mountain Time and it was only 10:00 when we arrived.

Mary Nell was working the office, saw us pulling in, and ran out to greet us, pointing to our spot (Site #17) for this one night.

She told us to go ahead and get set up and then come into the office to register.

As we pulled into our site, Charlie and Jesse drove up and greeted us.

Next we saw Chris and several other folks we know.

Charlie put it best as we shook hands he said “Welcome Home!”

As soon as we had set up and registered, we walked around the office and went to the Site where Jesse & Ginger are parked.

No one was home so we started to walk away when we saw them coming around the other side of the office building.

They had been to our Site to greet us while we went to their Site to see them.

We had unknowingly circled each other using opposite sides of the building. Funny!

After visiting for awhile Marilyn & I returned to our RV for a bite of lunch and a much needed nap.

Jesse & Ginger had invited us for dinner so that we would not have to cook on a travel day and that promised to be fun.

We never fail to have a good time when we are with these good friends.

The meal was delicious, the company was fine, and we had a very good time indeed.

I should mention that the temperature yesterday in Oakley was near 100 degrees.

Today, as we sat listening to the whisper of the breeze through the pine trees, the temperature was 69 degrees with only 6% humidity.


We are so happy to be here.

One final note today. Please remember our veterans today. They have sacrificed much to give us the freedoms we enjoy every day.

That is just another reason to say with conviction that Life is Good!

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