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Today was a day for errands, starting with the bank in Calhan. I have found that banks are not willing to hand out check registers unless you are a member of the bank. This is a problem for me as we use the debit card for almost everything and I need to keep track. So we go through more than the allotted one we receive with new checks. I asked for half a dozen with the stipulation that it goes into 2019. First they said they did not have them, then they found them, so I have my supply!

Next we went visiting. We ran into one person we did not expect, and the one we went to visit was not home. So off to do a bit more shopping, then home to do home chores.

Dean and Kelly invited us to share a pork roast they had in the crock pot, so we had happy hour with them, then dinner. Afterwards we played Rummikub, supposedly a fast-paced gin rummy type of game. Ha! Too much thinking involved for it to be too fast, but a lot of fun nonetheless. We also played 5 Straight, which was new to Kelly.

Tomorrow is Don's high school reunion, so we made plans to go for a bike ride on Sunday, then I would fix lasagne for our dinner.

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