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early morning Tetons - behind the Lek

Sage Grouse Lek

Date: May 9, 2017

Weather: some sun, rain in the afternoon

Temperature: start 35º

High 62º

Wildlife count: Elk, Mule Deer, Bison, Moose

Year List: 315

Birds: Greater Sage Grouse

Leaving home around 5:50am, we turned toward the Mormon Barns on Antelope Flats road and ran right into a herd of Bison on the road. Lots of cars were stopped, but the Bison finally moved on and we were able to get up to the Mormon Barns. Walking north of the barns, we found Tim set up to watch the Greater Sage Grouse Lek. This is the place where the grouse display, puffing up their chests and fanning their tail feathers – all to impress the females. We watched for about ½ hour, and became pretty chilled – it was cold, with a breeze and clouds – a few drops of rain. On the way back, we stopped at the Creekside Deli, buying a few breakfast sandwiches and coffee to take home to warm up.

Our job today was to pack the uniforms for the incoming volunteers. Everyone was asked for sizes, Margaret made a list for each volunteer and then together, the three of us gathered the appropriate uniform pieces, packed them in a bag and labeled for each volunteer. They will be distributed in 2 weeks when everyone has arrived.

After lunch, we shopped for garden soil, seeds, marking string, and a paper towel holder for us. Before the rain began, we got 9 bags of raised-bed soil in the trug and leveled. The guys on the roof were scrambling to finish covering before the deluge began. It did rain, but not hard, and we spent a delightful afternoon relaxing to the patter of drops on the roof.

Dinner was Honey-garlic chicken in the slow-cooker, sautéed veggies/zucchini/onions/peppers, and a grilled bolo. It was delicious, even though we ate early, so that we could attend the Bird and Nature Club meeting at 6pm. It was a bird program on South Africa – what an amazing place and beautiful birds.

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