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The Three Sisters

Hazy blue Jamison valley

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The sights of the Blue Mountains

Missed the 8.55 train by 5 minutes. My fault as I spent too long chatting to the Californian couple in our dorm. 55 minutes on the platform of Sydney Central later and we were away. Armed with a 3 day explorer pass we were going to see as much of the Blue Mountains as possible.

Once we found our Art Deco style hostel - at the foot of long, steep Katoomba High Street we were on the next Explorer Bus (converted London Bus that tours around the main sights).

As the buses stopped running at 5pm we only managed a couple of short walks today. The Blue Mountains are really, really special. Looking at our pictures, we haven't managed to do them justice.

The mountains, which form part of the Great Dividing Range which runs the length of the East Coast, are famed for a blue haze caused by the eucalyptus forests. The Three Sisters are famous rock formations, there were once seven and once upon a time you could abseil up them.

Day 241 complete.

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