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Bald Eagle Aerie - Overview

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles - One Returning to Nest and One on Nearby Branch

Bald Eagle on Nest

Bald Eagle Returning to Nest with Food

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle on Nest (Taken Through a Man's Spotting Scope)

This morning, just as I entered the parking lot in the complex where my chiropractor's office is, Sweet Pea's odometer turned over to exactly 50,000 miles. That surely entitles me to something special today. :>)

From there, I drove up to the bald eagle aerie about seven miles east of Llano. At first, I waited a long time at what I thought was the right place but never did see any eagles. A man stopped and told me that the eagles had built a new nest about 150 yards to the west and a little closer to the highway. I moved there and, sure enough, I saw the eagles. More people stopped and soon there were about six or eight vehicles lined up along the fence.

A man with a very l-o-n-g spotting scope let me look through it. WOW! He also had a camera with a huge lens. They made my little 10X zoom on my Fuji camera seem like a toy. He let me use my little Canon camera to shoot some photos through his spotting scope. (It wouldn't have worked with my Fuji because the lens is too big around.) It was tricky because I had to hold my camera at just the right spot in order for it to "see" through his lens. I got some pretty good photos. Of course, this experience made me want another camera with appropriate lens(es). The man is camped at Inks Lake. He lives in Brenham.

Around 3:00 or so, I headed back home. Since I hadn't eaten or drunk anything since breakfast, I was feeling a bit lank by the time I got back to Austin. I stopped and bought a hamburger at a hamburger stand near Pecan Grove RV Park.


Route: TX 71 N => US 281 N to Burnet => TX 29 W to bald eagle aerie => TX 29 E => FM 1431 E to Cedar Park => US 183 S to Austin => LP 1 S

Total Miles Driven: 168

Weather Conditions: Cool, sunny

Gasoline Price: $2.949 at Burnet

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