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Leaving Beautiful Sheridan

Pretty huh?

Another look

The rivers all almost all dried up

These are called Red Hills

Devils Tower

The hills around Devils tower

Working our way toward the Black Hills

The border of South Dakota

Mama deer and her twins

Isn't he sweet?

Can you see why we had trouble turning on this narrow road...

We left Sheridan without getting to check out the town at all. I feel bad about it because it looked like a place we would have really enjoyed. It was just too hot to do anything. By the time we stopped, it was 100 degrees and all we wanted to do was get inside to our air conditioned house. It is also very tiring driving over those mountain roads. You really have to keep your eyes on the road at all times. We went through so many different terrains between there and the South Dakota border. In fact I never realized just how many different looks there is in Wyoming. One of these days I will have to put together my pictures just from that state to show you all the beauty. It goes from green to brown to reds and from hills to mountains to flat land in a blink of the eye. The entire state has less population than just the Metro area of Minnesota where we are from. I am very impressed with the State and it's people. Everyone was sooooo friendly.

When we got to Gillette we had planned on stopping at the coal mine for a tour but we drove right by it before we knew we were there. It is a huge open mine on both sides of I-90 but no signs until you have already passed the exit. Oh well, it was too hot anyway. Because we missed that tour we had time to go to Devils Tower instead. For those of you that do not know about Devils Tower, it is the First National Landmark in the US. You can see it for miles. One huge rock sticking straight up in the middle of nowhere. It is a rock climbers dream but on this day it was way too hot for that even. Wow, these temps have been in the 90's and 100's forever now.

We had our lunch at Devil's tower at a little snack bar. Polish sausage for both of us and ice cream for Bill while I opted for the giant pickle.

It wasn't too far from there before we got to the Black Hills and left Wyoming behind. Our stop for the day was at the Rush No More campground in Sturgis. This is a Passport America Park and the price was right but it is a very tight park with all of the lots straight in a row and hardly any road between them. The gal was leading us to our spot and Bill just knew that it was too tight of a turn but she waved us on and the backswing on our RV caught the truck in the row behind us. Wow, what a mess. The grill ripped off the truck and we got some pretty good damage to the left rear of our RV. We had to wait for the Sheriff to come and of course all this was happening under the bright sunshine and everyone was wilting. The poor guy with the truck doesn't understand insurance's very well and expected us to give him the $4,000.00 damage to his truck and get reimbursed from our insurance company. We felt sorry for him but told him that he would have to be the one to collect from the insurance. The gal that was leading us to our spot felt so bad. She kept on saying how she never should have put us there and that is true but......... The bottom line is...... We never should have followed her either. Another lesson learned. Always trust your own instincts and don't let anyone else tell you different.

After we finally calmed down and cooled off we were able to meet Nick and Terry Russell who were staying at the same park. Nick and Terry are the writers of the Gypsy Journal, a great newspaper that they publish by-monthly about all of their travels. We had briefly met Nick in Quartzite a few years ago but had never met his wife, Miss Terry. What a sweetheart. They travel in a bus that they have converted into their home and Terry is the one that does all of the interior projects including beautiful new wood cabinets in her kitchen. What a gal. It looks like she isn't afraid of tackling anything.

I thank you both for your kindness Nick and Terry and look forward to seeing you again.

Right behind their bus was private property that held a Mare and her colt. Of course we had to go see them. The baby came right up to us but it took mama a little longer. They were so sweet..................... Later...................

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