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This morning after my exercises, I went to CMIT Solutions to pick up my two-terabyte external storage device. Kyle had reformatted it so that it would work with both my Dell Latitude and my MacBook Pro operating systems. Now I can concentrate on uploading all my data onto the MacBook. I need to weed out some files which are no longer needed and organize the remaining ones. Some files are difficult to categorize so I probably will store those in more than one folder.

From CMIT I went to Pearle Vision to get my new glasses. Now I can read street signs better. I don’t have to wait until I get to the intersection to see them – a definite plus when driving in unfamiliar areas!

Next on the list was a trip to Central Market. I had been putting off buying groceries too long. My refrigerator was almost empty. This turned out to be a trying time for me because my back really acted up while I was there. Zowie! I had tried to do too much. I couldn’t call it a day yet, though, because I had two more important items on the list.

After a quick lunch, I headed for Seton Hospital downtown where my pulmonary tests were scheduled to be done. That was my first visit to that hospital, so I didn’t know the layout at all. To top it off, by accident I parked in the lot of the medical building next door. I thought the parking lot was one large lot that served three buildings. However, the people there were very nice to me. Because my back was hurting so much, they took me in a wheelchair across the breezeway between the buildings and down to the Seton Registration Desk. Then a volunteer at Seton took me to the Cardiopulmonary section. I didn’t like feeling “helpless” but I was very grateful for that wheelchair ride.

My pulmonary tests turned out well. In fact, two of them showed my lung capacity at more than 110%. One test wasn’t quite so good but I think it was because of some congestion related to allergy symptoms. I doubt that it will be a major concern for Dr. Geck.

Tonight was a belated community group meeting at the Spradleys’ house. It was postponed last week because of an approaching wintry storm and also because Wes was just getting over a respiratory illness. We didn’t have any birthdays to celebrate this time.

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