Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

This morning I received mostly good news from my ophthalmologist. He said that my cornea is looking very good but that my droopy eyelid is not likely to improve. He does not think it is swollen; it probably is due to a weakened muscle. He has taken me off the Pred Forte eye drops but I still need to take Acyclovir tablets twice a day. My corneas have reverted to their shape before I started wearing rigid contacts. Now I don’t see well with my old glasses but, because my eyes are still changing, he doesn’t want to write a new prescription yet. He wants to see how my eye does without the drops. My next appointment is March 29.

Val and I met at Olive Garden for an early dinner to take advantage of the lower price. We had the soup and salad combo. It was a good day for soup. It has been chilly and raining off and on all day, with more predicted for the rest of the week.

Trivia for the day: I’ve calculated the average fuel consumption for my vehicles for 2009, which included all types of weather and terrain. Sweet Pea did me proud. She averaged 42.35 mpg. Daisy was another story, though. She averaged only 9.36 mpg. Of course, she has a much heavier load to carry, especially now that Sweet Pea is part of it.

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