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We drove to the Badlands today. I had been here before during a family trip when I was 14, so was looking forward to seeing it again. The first thing I noticed was the stark beauty of the place. I don’t think I appreciated it so much when I was 14. Possibly because the wind was blowing fiercely when my parents were trying to set up our tent, and Daddy made each of us sit in a corner of the tent to hold it down. As I recall, he finally gave up, repacked the tent, and we made a quick drive through the park.

Today’s visit was much more leisurely, with stops at many of the overlook spots. There were also several hikes we didn’t do in the interest of time (there was a thunderstorm headed our way.) We spent about an hour at the visitor center, only to find there is a great deal more we need to know. Add this to our list of possible places to host at!

We stopped in downtown Rapid City for dinner at the Firehouse Brewery. It is housed in an old fire station which was converted into a brewery and winery. Typical beer pub food although Don had a Firehouse Red beer and I had a Badlands Merlot, both of which were very good. After dinner we walked around, looking at old pictures and patches from hundreds of fire departments. And we found one from Colorado Springs!

We caught only the tail end of the rain, and went home for a quiet evening with the kitty.

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