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To see the mass assertion in the morning one must be up at 5:30 and on a bus by 6:00am. Yesterday it was 42 degrees and we put on a few layers and headed to the launch field along with 30,0000 others. All the TV stations were live on platforms and we walked by and waved just like the tourists we are. .... And then the announcement was made " there will be no balloons today it's too windy." So we flowed with the crowd to the vendor field and bought a bag of mini donuts that were coming out of these machines at an alarming rate. After we saw what else the area had to offer we stood in line to take a bus back to the campground. There was talk on the bus about playing cards in the meal tent. We're in!

I have become somewhat of a TV reception nerd. When all others failed I found CBS on our air antenna so the LSU Florida game could be watched. Then directed several others on how to adjust and scan their TVs. Now there is a group outside of the rig in back of us watching an outdoor TV and pointing to our rig and saying ask her. The temp is now 90 and everyone is on the second outfit of the day.

After the game we changed again into jeans anticipating the temp drop and watched for the casino bus. There was some discussion about driving but these shuttles are FREE! We got our cards and $25 each in free play. It was a happy couple of hours playing with the casino money and then Dick got a royal flush on his poker machine and we called it quits. The shuttle back to the RV campground ran at the top of the hour so we had a wait. Dick was hungry. I got a Frito pie that was so hot with spicy goodness it made me cry. Loved it. We got on the shuttle and the road was closed to the campground so we had a mini tour of the area while he took us in the back way. Right through the General Mills plant that makes cereal. Did I mention it smells like cookies are baking all the time. I am so happy we did not decide to drive our selves.

The evening ended with fireworks we could see from the campground.

The whole evening was topped off with a fireworks show we could see from the campground.

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