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We were underway at 9:30 but thought it was 8:30 but that's OK cause we are going to be in Central time till the last day when we arrive in Rising Sun.

Let me tell you about the drive today. On I-20 the scenery is scrub brush and oil pumps, oil derricks and trucks. There were hundreds of trucks on the highway. Support people in small trucks, semi's, over size loads of rig equipment, gravel and mud trucks, the list is endless. We stayed in the left lane did 65 although you could drive 80. Signs say only use right lane to pass. Dick used great judgement by not trying to pass anyone pulling the rig at 90 mph. The wind had picked up and we decided to fill up just to make sure we would have enough fuel. Heading into the wind always lowers our mileage. The Love's was so packed it was like lining up for a truck demolition derby. We did not even attempt the truckers pumps but used the ones out front of the station. I counted 87 trucks waiting for fuel. All the pumps had diesel. Dick managed to pull into a pump fuel up, go to bathroom and maneuver us to the exit without getting yelled at, threatened, or hit. It was the most traumatic fueling experience I have ever had and I wasn't driving just standing outside and directing. Truck mania.

There were hundreds of acres of harvested cotton fields with left over cotton spread over them like a big pillow fight had taken place.

The closer we got to Abilene the windier it got. The campgrounds got crumbier and I could tell my driver was fatigued. The last 30 miles the wind was so strong he was fighting to keep us on the road. Arriving at the KOA we got out of the truck and hugged. He said "we made it " and I said " I knew you would." Our set up was flawless a well trained team. We will be here 2 days and if it's windy on Friday a third.

One light moment. A truck passed us with what appeared to be huge bags of round rocks about 5 foot tall all sorted by size. We turned at the same time and said "They harvested the rock farm."

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