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Day three in Superb Sydney. Quite an accolade when the sun has scarcely managed to shine all day and the rain broke through the clouds more than once.

We dedicated today to the cheesy tourist buses that we use in the cities to get our bearings and see things we probably wouldn't discover on our own. So what if some of the locals point and stare at the nutters sat in their rain coats on an open top bus with commentary blaring from every speaker!

Our first tour bus took us all around the sights of central Sydney. Many of these we had already chanced upon but it was worthwhile nevertheless. We hopped off in Kings Cross, seedy backpacker/ red light district (its legal over here don't you know!) to see whether we wanted to base ourselves here later on. The jury is out - nice backpacker vibe in places but dodgy looking hookers loitering in the doorways of √ĄdultShops at 11am were a bit off putting.

We rejoined the bus tour and gawked at some more of impressive civic buildings as we waited in the city congestion to get moving. We next disembarked at the Opera House for an upclose look at the great landmark. We just can't resist taking shots of it. Decided it was more impressive from afar, but performances are surprisingly cheap and I am currently using all of my powers of persuasion to get Danny to take me one night.

Spent the afternoon on the Bondi bus tour. The weather really let us down at this point but was nice to see the pricey Eastern Suburbs. Bondi was much smaller than expected, and after the high rise exploitation of Surfers we were pleased to find that it is an area full of low rise character. Perfect mansions nestling next to weather beaten terraces. We will get the photos on a sunny day to do it justice.

The afternoon ended back at Darling Harbour with a break in the dismal weather which we made the most of by having a coffee with Rita and Rose who we had met on the tour bus. Good on them they had surprised their husbands by making their talk of a trip through Australia and Asia a reality. We happily chatted with them about what to expect in Thailand and Vietnam.

Day 239 complete

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