North Rim Grand Canyon travel blog

Beautiful scenery

It takes quite a while for the sun to penetrate the canyon

We love interesting trails

A fellow traveler on our trail

Water from many miles away seeps into the sandstone and eventually leeches...

This is the "waterfall" that feeds Lower Emerald Pool

Lower emerald Pool is not very attractive this time of the year


Another friend

Deer are quite accustomed to tourists

We spent a lot of time looking up!

So grand!

Deer are plentiful


Last look at the Virgin River. Looks quite peaceful right now.

A stop along our route called Fort Zion

We loved it!

A living fence of cacti

So cute

Jackrabbit - our wildlife for the day. Check those ears!

The Conservatory at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas always has great...

Swan is 10' tall with 10,000 feathers each hand-bleached and air fluffed

Las Vegas, NV Although summer is not a good time to see the Emerald Pools of Zion at their best, we went anyway. Unfortunately, a rock slide closed the trail to Middle and Upper Emerald Pools so we had to settle for just Lower. The trail includes views of Lady Mountain, the Great White Throne, and Red Arch Mountain. Summer can be very hot and summer can start early here so the falls are down to a trickle and the “emerald” pool (colored by alga) was not in the least bit emerald. Since this was our last day in Zion, we took one last look at all its splendor before heading out to see Sandi’s brother in Las Vegas (with a small side stop on the way) preliminary to going home. And so we come to the end of another great trip. Page, Arizona, was a great experience and the Antelope Canyons are beyond description. We highly recommend seeing Zion and Bryce as they are uniquely different. But for an amazing experience, visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and stay there for a couple of nights if at all possible.

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