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Monday 26 August

Only 4 locks today and took a mooring at Chaumont. Very nice village.

Tuesday 27 August

15 locks today. Needed to wait an hour for the lifting bridge at Vieville to be opened manually.

Wednesday 28 August

16 locks today. Took up a mooring at Chamouiley.

Thursday 29 – 30 August

10 locks today. Needed to wait 2 hours at lock 58 whilst maintenance was being completed on lock 59. Had a bit of a language problem with the lock keeper but luckily a dutch barge was going through the lock and the skipper was able to translate the issue.

Moored at Orconte.

We initially were intending to find a mooring after the lock but…. We had a bit of a surprise here as Des and Brenda happened to be moored at the waiting area before the lock. It appears our boats have been passing each other for the previous few days without realising we knew each other – we had no reason to know they were doing the canals (and we didn’t know their boats name – and v-a-v). So we had a little party.

On the Friday Gen tried to sort out their technical problem. They pushed on and we ended up staying on the mooring.

Saturday 31 August – Monday 2 September

The last set of locks on this stretch of the canal were pretty much full to the brim and in some cases overflowing – our fenders and fender board was of no use. We tried the technique of dangling filled plastic water bottles over the side low enough to be in the water but that wasn’t of that much use. Luckily we were descending so Gen would get onto the ground and push us off the edge of the lock to avoid too many scratches.

Entered the Lateral la Marne canal. Very pretty in places. Here to engage the locks you have twist a pole that is in the middle of canal about 300m from the lock.

Long passage today and we took up a mooring at Chalon et Champagne. Very nice town.

Caught up with Des and Brenda.

Monday 2 September

The locks on this canal are different to the others we have been through. These are definitely keeping us on our toes – bollards in different places, different types of bollards etc,. Picked up another remote control to open the locks.

Moored alongside the waiting pontoon at Ay. Enjoyed some champagne in the Champagne region. It had to be done! Beautiful country side with the zillions of acres of vineyards.

Tuesday 3 September

Today we entered the Marne. Again the locks are very different (well the first two were) and very turbulent exits out of the locks due to the weirs.

Took up a mooring at Dormans. Went ashore and looked at the Chateau and WWI memorial.

Wednesday 4 September

Undertook a very long passage today – locks are fewer and further apart – but still challenging. Moored up by the waiting area at Lock #10 (where we will return the remote control).

Thursday 5 – 7 September

Took up a mooring at Meaux, a historic town (with not much to see other than the cathedral).

Friday evening had a wonderful Russian meal – real home cooking.

Saturday attended the market which was good.

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