England/Ireland/Scotland 2019 travel blog

Edinburgh Castle

1pm Canon firing

View from the Castle

A narrow CLOSE

St Giles Cathedral organ

This morning our group boarded the tour bus and headed into Edinburg from our hotel which was just outside the city. Along the way, we picked up our city guide. She described various points of interest along the way and then we stopped at The palace of Hollyrood house (where the queen stays when she’s in Scotland). After a quick stop there, we boarded the bus and headed up the hills to Edinburg Palace. Although it no longer houses any Royals, it had a tremendous amount of history and lots to see, including the firing of a cannon at 1 PM which we got to witness. They were beautiful views of the city which we took in before we left for a walk down the Royal mile, eighth Street filled with souvenir shops and restaurants. We booked a tour of Mary King’s Close which showed us how people lived in the 1600s. It was very interesting because the current city had been built on top of it and we were able to go underground and see the actual rooms people lived in. We then returned to the hotel and enjoyed an evening to relax.

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