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North to Lynden, WA

Tree lined Interstate 5

This is Bellevue, filled with Microsoft buildings

Snohomish River

We are here

Railroad bridge over Snohomish River

We call these type of hay bales, Marshmallows

Pacific Northwest weather

Winding through the mountains

Our campground south of the Canadian border

Pretty weeping trees and a small pond in campground

Ron & Tina on left with Keith & LIsa on right across...

Our campsite

Social hour

Daisy on her own chair during our Social Time

Mt. Baker peeking over the campground fence

We traveled 2.25 hours up to Lynden, 130 miles, near the Canadian border. We were not able to get three reservations together in any of the RV Parks in Birch Bay so we found Hidden Village RV Park in Lynden. Larry remember from our 2009 trip we picked up another couple to travel with in this park.

The drive was basically straight up Interstate 5 past Bellevue (Microsoft’s city) to Bellingham (a large port city), where we exited onto Guide Meridian Highway 539. This is a straight shot north into Canada.

We passed places and rivers with American Indian names that ended with “-ish”, like Samish, Snohomish. But up by Bellingham we learned of the Lummi people. There is an island named after them.

The RV park is a little rustic, but all the employees are very friendly and accommodating. We paid for three days in anticipation of leaving for Canada on the 15th. We spent the next day, all of us calling and looking for camping reservations in Canada to no avail. You see, Canada has a long weekend holiday like our Memorial Day Weekend that marks the beginning of Summer Holiday. May 24th is Queen Victoria’s Birthday, but where ever it falls within the week, the Monday is the LONG WEEKEND. May 24th falls on a Friday, so back up to Monday the 20th, that’s the holiday. But wait, they like to make it a LONG weekend, so campgrounds were booked from Thursday thru the Wednesday and Thursday of the following week. We even had Canadians camped here for the weekend.

So we decided to stay until the first day we could secure camping reservations in Canada. Keith was the first to find one, so we are leaving for Canada on May 22nd. We never had this problem before, so it was a lesson learned.

We all enjoyed social time sitting outside in the sunshine, socializing among ourselves and meeting neighbors. Daisy even sat on her own chair with us in the circle.

An added plus to our campground is that Mt. Baker was immediately to the east of us. Another Magnificent tall, glacial volcano of the North Cascades. It last erupted in 1880. It was named after Joseph Baker of the Vancouver Expedition, but it’s native name is Kulshan and it stands 10,781 ft.

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