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It is 5pm here and we will enter the Suez Canal in 6 hours. We received this letter from the Captain.

Dear Spectrum of the Seas Guest,

To keep you fully informed, I’d like to share some precautionary measures we will be taking while cruising the Gulf of Aden.

As you may be aware , this area has seen pirate activity in the past. Please know, we have cruised the gulf many times without incident. And we expect this time to be our experience, too.

1. From April 28 to May 2, we will have look-outs around the ship.

2. Our upper decks will remain open for your enjoyment during the day. However, at night Decks 5,14,15, and 16 will be closed.

3. To improve our night time vision, we will turn off some exterior lights. We kindly ask you to keep your black out curtains closed and balcony lights off at night.

Additionally, we may encounter small fishing boats in the Gulf of Aden. It’s normal for them to try to come close out of curiosity. It is not every day a ship like ours crosses their path! Our team may change course or weave slightly to ensure they keep a distance and we discourage any from getting too close.

Be mindful of any announcements made and any instructions provided. If you hear the code words “Safe Haven”, please follow the below instructions.

A. Close your curtains. Turn off all balcony and stateroom lights.

B. Please move towards the inside of the ship and away from outer areas,windows, and balconies.

C. I’ll be providing directions and our staff will help you to the inside areas and safety. We’ve got you.

On April 29 @10:30am we will conduct a drill to familiarize ourselves with the safety procedures.

The safety of our guests and crew is our highest priority.while I don’t expect we’ll experience any problems, due to our speed and enhanced security, we always like to be extra cautious to keep you safe.

Now back to enjoying your adventure onboard Spectrum of the Seas.


Charles Teige

Master, Spectrum of the Sea.

I was aware of this from talking to a passenger on another cruise who had taken this cruise last year. Still a little poke of reality to get the letter.

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