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Anytime you sail through the open ocean you can be subject to rough seas. But the area between the bottom of South America and the Antarctic peninsula is especially notorious for storms and lost ships. We entered the Drake Passage after dinner and are spending the day bobbing and weaving through the waves today. It is challenging to walk, especially for those of us who are not all that steady on solid land,. The seasickness bags are out. We are amazed at the fitness levels of some of our fellow passengers. There is a very fit and chipper man with only one leg. There is a collection of wheelchairs at the bottom of the stairway. One man has very small and deformed arms, a birth defect. He looks fit otherwise, but as I hang onto the railings as I walk, I wonder how he manages. There is a mother our age here with a very attentive son. She seems kind of ditzy and I overheard her talking to someone else saying she could not remember what year he was born. Not a good sign. In the queue where we turned in our doctor certified health forms, some people got into long conversations with the doctor here, but we passed muster easily.

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