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Raspberry Point Oyeters

Anne of Green Gables Museum

Planting a purple potato

Cavendish beach

Eating an oyster

On the beach

PEI Preserves

With a Scotsman

Anne & Gilbert

We had breakfast at 7:00 with Gary & Lila. It was sort of the usual breakfast buffet, but Don complained that there was no cheese, Lila said there was no toast, there was also no baked beans - so the usual, minus a few items. We can survive.

We had to be on the bus this morning at 8:00. We drove through Charlottetown on our way to Summerside, where the author of Anne of Green Gables had lived. We had an hour drive, so Kim played some silly Canadian songs.

Upon our arrival at the Anne of Green Gables museum, we were walked over to the garden so we could plant purple potatoes. You had to grab a hoe and plant one potato. In 70 days, we can return and see the fruit of our crop. PEI potatoes are famous (like Idaho?) and supplies 90% of the potatoes for Canada.

The museum is still owned by the Campbells, her cousins family. This is supposedly the place for the inspiration of her novels. The house is also where she was married on July 5, 1911. Anne is revered and has a big following in Japan. People from the US and Japan come to the house for their wedding.

The weather was a little cloudy, and warm. We entered the house and met Pam Campbell, a relative. There were a lot of pictures and displays, but when you have 41 people pushing through, there really was not enough time to enjoy the displays and read the descriptions. Besides, we had to go outside for our carriage ride with Matt and Molly. (Molly was the horse.) Matt was from the Netherlands. It was a quick little ride around the farm, then we hopped off to visit the gift shop, and then over to the craft shop for our lemonade and cookie. Jean also walked the Liv's Whispering Lane trail before we departed.

Our next stop was to visit with James, an oyster farmer who ran Raspberry Point Oysters, for our Learning & Discovery for today. When we arrived, the sun was now out and the temperature was in the low 80s, which is a heat wave on PEI. Some restaurants and other businesses have closed because it has become too hot in the kitchens for the employees Why? Because they don't have AC, because they don't normally need it.

James grows Malpeque oysters, which is the generic name for PEI oysters harvested in Malpeque Bay. He demonstrated how they grow the oysters from tiny babies, smaller than your thumbnail, until they harvest them for eating. He told us that he markets the oysters under different brand names such as Pickle Point, Daisy Bay, Irish Point, Shiny Sea, & Raspberry Point because some suppliers wanted oysters that had different qualities.

James then shucked oysters which we picked from the boxes for us to sample. I enjoyed a couple different varieties, Jean declined (not an oyster lover). I know of at least one lady who saved her oyster shells as souvenirs.

We boarded the coach to travel to Cavendish beach. This was a quick stop since we didn't have our bathing suits on. Most of us walked to the beach and stuck a toe into the Atlantic Ocean. The sand was a red color because of the iron in the soil here on PEI.

We then drove over to Prince Edward Island Preserves where we were greeted by the owner, a Scotsman named Bruce who makes spreadable fruits, so called because the sugar content is so low that they can't be called jams by law. When his business became successful, he started Gardens of Hope, a nonprofit for those who are terminally ill. This was where we had lunch. I had the bowl of chowder which was the best I have had on this trip, and Jean had the Potato Pie. We ate with Nadine and Joseph from the Chicago area.

We then returned to the hotel about 3:00. We had the rest of the day to ourselves, so we decided to do laundry at a local laundromat. We were back by 5:00 with clean clothes. We put the clothes away, cleaned up, and ate some snacks for dinner.

At 6:30 we left the hotel to go over to The Guild theater to see "Anne & Gilbert, The Musical", based on books 3&4 of the Anne of Green Gables series. We sat in row N, seats 1&2. This was a small theater, we were in the last row which was only six rows from the stage.

In the musical, Anne has become the school teacher when Gilbert declines the position. They both finally go to university and eventually fall in love, all set to music. It was nicely done.

Afterwards we walked around Charlottetown, and ended up getting ice cream at Cows, a famous ice parlor in Charlottetown. We returned to the room about 10:30.

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